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Some of the works that I recorded were reviewed by music critics of different channels - websites, newspapers, specialized magazines, etc. I have also interviewed on some occasions over the years. In this section, you can find a compilation of this stuff. Most reviews are in English or Portuguese, but some are in other languages (the flag at left refers to the language of the review).


Progressive Rock Central

"The group features keyboard wizard Ronaldo Rodrigues, who uses a wide range of keyboards."
"...most of the album is instrumental, showcasing Rodrigues’ talent on the synths, organ, mellotron and other instruments."   


Progressive Music Planet

"Keyboardist Ronaldo Rodrigues has a MYRIAD of sounds that will delight you."

"The whole band shines but Rodrigues absolutely goes wild!"


"...However, the spotlight soon falls upon the spirited synthesizer parts that are an undoubted highpoint of this piece, and which also shine brilliantly through much of the album. There is glowing warmth to Rodrigues' playing and his part in Atmosfera's engaging arrangements radiate with quality. His skilfully crafted contribution, cascades colourfully, as a series of thrilling patterns are explored."


Gaveta de Bagunças

"Falar da capacidade musical de Ronaldo Rodrigues é sempre um prazer. Ele parece aqueles mágicos que sempre te surpreendem com um final diferente para um velho número que você pensava conhecer o segredo!"



" Ronaldo y confirme son grand talent de claviériste"



"...e poi la consueta esplosione di “colore” offerta dalle tastiere di Rodrigues"



"Ronaldo Rodrigues is gelukkig een uitstekend bespeler van het klavier en mag heel vaak lekker losgaan."


Musik Reviews

"...während sich Tastenmann Ronaldo Rodriques speziell durch seine RICK WAKEMAN-Vintage-Keyboards auszeichnet."



"RAMzine simply had to have a chat with these guys and so we caught up with the band’s keyboard-wizard, Ronaldo Rodrigues"


Eternal Terror

"The synth work is inspired and the twisted arrangements as well as the enjoyable melodies result in a fresh take on classic 70s prog. There is something invigorating about that."


Rock n' Roll Monuments

"Τα vintage πλήκτρα του Ronaldo Rodrigues έχουν τον πρώτο ρόλο, με μια μεγάλη γκάμα ήχων που εντυπωσιάζει!"


"...Eller kolla de snygga Jarre-ljuden från vintagesyntarna (Ronaldo Rodrigues)"


Luiz Domingues Blog

"Ronaldo é um grande tecladista, piloto de tecladeiras setentistas, com maestria."

Reviews about my bands' albums, as well as my special guest appearances on recordings, are available in the major music databases on the internet. 

Reviews left by my clients can be found on Soundbetter and Fiverr platforms, where I offer online recording services as a session musician. 

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