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I'm a keyboardist specialized in progressive and psychedelic rock. My style is influenced by rock, blues, and jazz from the 1960s and 1970s. I listen to this kind of music every day; these styles are also the fundamentals of my writing as a music critic. The blend of styles is not limited by rock/blues but also includes soul/funk, folk, MPB, pop, and electronic/experimental music from the same period - these kinds of music are notable references in everything I play or record. 

Most of my portfolio was recorded through online recordings  - the basis of songs were submitted by clients, the keyboards tracks recorded in my private studio, and returned to the musician/band for post-production (mixing/mastering) of the whole song. 

The tracks below are a collection of selected excerpts from some recordings, including projects of mine or as a session musician. Here you will listen to my musical approach applied to different styles of rock and beyond. 

Ronaldo Rodrigues - Vol. I (medley) - 2019 

Excerpt from "Trajetórias", "Os Minutos e as Horas", and "Rosa Mística".

Progressive rock 

Caravela Escarlate - Caravela Escarlate (medley) - 2017 

Excerpt from "Planeta-Estrela", "Caravela Escarlate", "Cosmos", "Futuro Passsado",

"Gigantes da Destruição", "Atmosfera" and "Um Brilho Frágil no Infinito".

Progressive rock 

Blind Horse - Patagonia (medley) - 2017 

Excerpt from "Patagonia", "Noite Estranha", and "Soul Locomotive".

Hard rock/Stoner-rock 

Arcpelago - Simbiose (medley) - 2016 

Excerpt from "Sopro Vital", "Cidade Solar", "Ebulição dos Tempos" e "Dentro de Si".

Progressive rock/Hard rock/Space-rock 

Luiz Zamith - Introspecção (medley) - 2018 

Excerpt from "Vice-Versa", "Outro Dia", and "Alguém ainda se lembra das antas?".

Jazz-rock/Fusion/Progressive rock 

Massahara - Massahara (medley) - 2011 

Excerpt from "Tudo o que eu quero", "Olho de Cobra", "Massahara", and "Contramão".

Hard rock/Progressive rock

Simmons & Matheo - Loving the way that you love me (single) - 2020 

Excerpt from "Loving the way that you love me"


The Long Blue Trip - Desert Sun (single) - 2020 

Excerpt from "Desert Sun"

Blues-rock/Psychedelic rock

Sergio Filho - Ponto de Partida Vol. I (medley) - 2018 

Excerpt from "Imperfeito", "Qual a Direção Certa", and "Berço".


Bâmos Q Bânia - Filhos de Kuandu - 2020 

Excerpt from "Eletrolux".

Progressive rock

Caravela Escarlate - Rascunho (medley) - 2016 

Excerpt from "De Sol a Sol", "Circo Imaginário", "Mainô", "Século XIV", and "Pedra do Sal".

Prog-folk/Progressive rock/MPB 

To obtain this variety of tones and textures in an online recording, I adopt software (VSTI and VST) that provides a real emulation of classic monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers, electric pianos, clavinets, and mellotron. Furthermore, the possibilities offered by these virtual tools allow me to obtain unique and original sounds. These virtuals tools are controlled by two keyboards (Roland A-800 and Behringer UMX610) that generate the sounds precisely captured by an 8-channel audio interface (M-Audio M-Track 8x4) and recording software (Reaper 5.18). Thus, it is possible to record directly in audio or MID format. Organ tones are generated by a Tokai TX-5 tonewheel organ coupled with a Neo Ventilator II pedal, the most precise emulation of the classic Leslie Speaker 122 available on the market. The organ sound is complemented with effect pedals (Boss Phaser, Boss Octaver, and Clyde Full-Tone Wah-Wah) and expression pedals (Expression Ernie Ball).

A small sample of the variety of keyboard tones that I can offer in a recording can be found below: 

Monophonic synths



Electric piano


Polyphonic synths

Interest in having keyboards sounds like these in your song/album?
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