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Crowdfunding - Mini-tour Europe - Caravela Escarlate

The Brazilian prog band Caravela Escarlate is worldwide recognized after the release of two albums (2019 and 2023) by Karisma Records (Norway) label. Both albums gained positive reviews in specialized magazines; "III", our most recent album, was highlighted among the best albums of the year by PROG Magazine (UK). Since the band was formed we played in the biggest cities of Brazil, but we never played in other countries.

We are releasing a crowdfunding campaign for our first European tour, promoting the music of "III" and our new stuff. The band requires funds from kind-hearted people such as yourselves, and we are asking the support of our local and foreign fans to help us with this effort. 

The costs of touring are very high, although the band is committed to always finding the best plan to saving money, so we can make your dollars stretch further. Union fees, border crossing fees, food, hotels, gas, van rentals are the basic needs of us. These costs are hard to come by when the band has to take 
off work for touring, or other cost of being in a band arise. Your support will help us to make this tour, enabling us to showcase our music to new audiences, focusing on the best show possible.

The campaign involves the digital release of a new single containing two songs - "Estação Espacial" and "Composição", the re-release of our first album "Rascunho" with unreleased bonus tracks, and an e-book with complete band biography. You can find samples of what you will come up below.

The donations can be done at suggest values (or any other donation) via Paypal:

Virtual 'thank you' card + Digital download of single 'Estação Espacial' or 'Composição' = 7 USD

Virtual 'thank you' card + Digital download of single 'Estação Espacial' AND 'Composição' = 12 USD

Virtual 'thank you' card + Digital download of singles 'Estação Espacial'/'Composição' + E-book = 25 USD

Virtual 'thank you' card + Digital download of single 'Estação Espacial'/'Composição' + E-book + Digital re-release of 'Rascunho' including bonus-tracks = 40 USD

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